AMIkids Emerald Coast - Day Treatment


The Day Treatment Program allows youth to reside at home and attend the program daily. This program operates during the daytime hours, usually from 8 am to 5 pm., Monday through Friday. Students are transported to and from the program daily either by the program itself or in partnership with local school district transportation. Services are also offered on Saturday in some programs. Day treatment programs are co-ed, serving both boys and girls. Kids reside at home while attending the program. Staff is able to address issues in both the home and in the student’s neighborhood by working with the kids and family together. Students are referred through juvenile justice agencies or school districts. Length of stay is usually 4-6 months.

Service Location

PO Box 4886
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549
United States



This agency is an alternative education and treatment program for at-risk teens and families. Through education, counseling, and counseling, students can
make positive decisions that will shape their future.

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5915 Benjamin Center Drive
Tampa, FL 33634
United States