Alpha House of Tampa - Maternity Home

Service Type

This home serves pregnant women and foster care teens. Clients receive pre and post natal care while here. School-age mothers are required to be in school during the day. Clients receive counseling, job assistance and learn life skills. Several classes are offered which include labor and delivery, nutrition, child care, parenting and more.

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Service Location

Bonnie Center
208 South Tampania Avenue
Tampa, FL 33609
United States



This agency has several services for women in crisis. They offer homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children safe shelter. The Semi-Independent program is for older parenting teens in foster care. They offer transitional housing for mothers and their children. Parents As Teachers is a program that ensures that young babies and toddlers are on track with their development. There is also a program for women who have suffered from the trauma of abuse and violence (TREM).

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201 S Tampania Avenue
Tampa, FL 33609
United States