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Access Florida - Florida Medicaid

Access Florida provides a plan that offers:

  • All of the basic Florida Medicaid benefits
  • Choice of doctors to be your Primary Care Provider (PCP)
  • Drugstores you can use
  • Network of doctors, hospitals, and clinics

Florida Medicaid Options and the choices available:

  • Answers to many of your questions on our Q & A page
  • Health care plans offered in each county AND MORE
  • Steps you can use to choose a plan and a doctor

Please call for more information.

Access Florida - Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance, and Medicaid

The Food Stamp Program helps people with low income to buy healthy food. The application can be done online. Please see the website for your local service center. The application is also used for Temporary Cash Assistance, Medicaid, and all other Dept of Children and Families services.

You can view the application in English, Haitian-Creole, or Spanish.

Deaf/Hearing Impaired:
Florida Relay 711 or
TTY: 1.800.955.8771

Brain Injury Association of Florida - Resources

This program serves anyone who has had a traumatic brain injury (TBI). You may apply for services directly or be referred by a doctor or agency. They have one-stop access to information, education, advocacy and local support. They serve survivors, their famillies and caregivers. They have an online resource directory.

This web portal is their online library of TBI information:

Please see the website for all services.

Toll Free Helpline: 1.800.992.3442
New Port Richey Support Group: 727.236.9426
Hudson/Hernando City Support Group: 727.375.5395

Children's Medical Services - Clinic

This clinic treats children with special health care needs. They have chronic physical or developmental conditions that need care. Services are provided by Pediatric doctors, nurses and social workers. Follow-up takes place in a variety of CMS clinics. Medical care includes hospitalization, surgery and anesthesia; It also covers medications, special medical equipment, prosthetic devices and appliances. There are also services for high risk expectant mothers and newborns. Children in the foster care system may be followed here. Children under Medicaid and Florida KidCare qualify for services. They are not seen for services that would be covered at the health department.

Please see the website for details.

DCF - Alcohol, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health

This program's aim is the prevention, treatment and recovery of persons with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues.

Substance abuse services include education. This, along with counseling, addresses the factors that lead to substance abuse. Treatment may be either inpatient or outpatient and include support services. Certain medical and clinical procedures are used in each patient's detox program.

Mental health services treat children and adults. These may include outpatient, residential and acute care services.

Veterans can get help through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Please see the website for all services. Click on Services & Programs/Substance Abuse.

Florida KidCare

The state of Florida offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18, even if one or both parents are working. It includes four different parts.

Some of the services Florida KidCare covers are:

  • Check-ups and shots
  • Dental
  • Doctor visits
  • Emergencies
  • Hospital
  • Mental health
  • Prescriptions
  • Surgery
  • Vision and hearing

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute - Cancer Treatment

This hospital offers comprehensive cancer treatment programs. They include patient care, clinical research, education and cancer control activities. Clinical programs focus on specific organ sites or types of cancer. Each patient gets an individualized plan of care. They have a wide range of support services for both patient and loved ones.

Please see the website for all services.

Toll Free: 1.800.456.3434