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Immigration Services, Matching Grant Program - Lultheran Services Florida (Tampa)

The goal of this program is to help refugees be self-sufficient within 4 months without accessing public cash assistance.

The Program has served more than 12,000 people since it began.

Counselors help clients with:

  • Applications for Citizenship
  • Family Unity Program
  • General Immigration Counseling
  • Immigrant Petitions
  • Work Permits

Lutheran Services Florida - Employment Services for Refugees and Entrants

This program provides job services to refugees/entrants who have been in the United States for less than five years. It promotes economic self-sufficiency and resettlement.

Please see the website for details.

The program includes:

  • Assistance with Language Difficulties
  • Assistance with Transportation Needs
  • Child Care Referrals
  • Employability Skills Training Workshop
  • Follow-up Services
  • Job Referrals and Placement