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Florida Keys Outreach Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. - Men's Transitional Housing Program

Florida Keys Outreach Coalition for the Homeless provides homeless assistance. Four facilities offer case managed residential services for up to 70 homeless men. They offer a three-phase program to house homeless men up to two years. They hope to enable them to move from the streets to a sober, stable employment and residential situation. Clients must live peaceably in a group setting with other men. These men may or may not be dealing with issues of substance abuse or mental health. Call for more information.

Keys Area Interdenominational Resources - Homeless Services

KAIR provides Homeless Services. They do this through Independence Cay. Every day of the week, they welcome the homeless for a hot lunch, showers, and laundry. It is also open to all during inclement or cold weather. There are daily AA meetings as well as other classes that promote well-being and self-sufficiency. Transitional housing may also be available for men. Call for more information.