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Adoption Services - Children’s Home Society of Florida Western Division

This agency has many services for children, including adoption. Whether you're seeking to adopt or have an unplanned pregnancy, this agency can help. Children in need of adoption can log onto the website and see who wants to adopt. People who gave up a child or were adopted over 18 years ago can explore the chance of being reunited with their birth families.

Click on "Adoption" on the website to explore your options.

Adult Protective and Placement Services Program (DCF)

The clients we serve include:

Vulnerable Adults: A person 18 years or older who cannot provide for his own care. He may have mental, emotional, long-term physical or developmental issues. He may have brain damage or the infirmities of aging.

Vulnerable Adult in Need of Services (Self-neglect): A vulnerable adult who is suffering from neglect not caused by a second party. He is in need of services to prevent further harm.

Adults with Disabilities: A person between 18 and 60 years of age, who cannot get vocational rehab services. He has permanent physical or mental limitations that restrict his ability to perform the normal activities of daily living. He is unable to live independently or with family or friends without social services.

The Adult Protective Services Home and Community-Based Service Programs have a statewide waiting list at this time.

Computer Services - Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative

The library system has computers for public use. They can be used for job searches, research and online databases. Please see the website for each branch’s times of use.

Other Locations:

Destin Library
150 Sibert Avenue
Destin FL 32541

Mary Esther Library
100 Hollywood W.
Mary Esther FL 32569

Niceville Library
206 Partin Drive N.
Niceville FL 32578

Robert L. F. Sikes Library
1445 Commerce Drive
Crestview FL 32539

Valparaiso Public Library
459 Valparaiso Parkway
Valparaiso FL 32580