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CareerSource Palm Beach County Programs

Workforce Alliance links businesses in need of work with qualified persons. We list yours jobs, find you talent and support your quest for a job. We also offer workshops to assist with employment. We do everything free of charge. Please call for more info.

Services including:
Young Adult Programs
This is a program for young adults aged 18 to 21 to help them prepare for a job or career in a field of their choosing. The programs include basic skills training. As well as career planning and development.

Executive Transition Unit
ETU services:

  • Access to computers, phones, fax machines, and copiers
  • Job coaching by professional career staff
  • Prevailing salaries and other labor market information
  • Professional networking
  • Weekly job search workshops

Drug Abuse Foundation of Palm Beach County

Drug Abuse Foundation provides a wide range of services. One or more of our programs are designed to meet each client’s need. Every individual that seeks treatment from the Drug Abuse Foundation receives an assessment to determine their level of treatment. Visit our website or call for more info.

Assessment Center
Provides substance abuse and mental health assessments. Assessment Services assess, evaluate and provide assistance to persons and families. We determine level of care, motivation and the need for services. Visit website or call for more info.

Child Welfare Project
This program identifies and evaluates parents accused of child abuse or child neglect. The objective is to stabilize the family. We try to prevent the child from being removed from the home. Visit the website or call for more info.

Community Education

PBC Hurricane Pet Friendly Shelter Pre-Registration

The Pet Friendly Shelter is available to Palm Beach County residents residing in a mandatory evacuation zone or in mobile homes. Proof of residency is required. Space is limited and restrictions apply. Pet owners are required to stay at the shelter. The shelter can accommodate approximately 300 people, 400 cats, 250 birds and small pocket pets, and 240 small and large dogs. Livestock and reptiles will not be accepted. Pets will be housed in separate area from people. Pet owners will be given a schedule to attend to their animal’s needs. Please call for more information.

VH Free Food and Nutrition Education Program

The Vickers House offers help in making healthy food choices for the whole family. We help you choose healthy foods and snacks. Learn how to prepare delicious and safe food including food safety and storage. We also assist with meal planning and making a food budget. Please call for more info and to make a appointment.

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VH Hurricane Shelter Applications

Hurricane Preparedness Pet Shelters:
Shelters to pre-register for the Pet Friendly Shelter. Call PBC Animal Care and Control 561.233.1266 for more information. The Pet Friendly Shelter is for pets and people living in mandatory evacuation zones or in mobile homes.

Special Needs Shelters:
Shelters for the Elderly and others with special medical needs. If you require special care or have special needs, you are urged to pre-register for the Special Care Unit. Please call 561.712.6400.

If you require transportation to a Hurricane Evacuation Shelter call 561.649.9838 or 1.877.870.9849 toll-free to request an application. To find out if you reside in a Hurricane Evacuation Zone, you may contact the Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management at 561.712.6400.

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VH Learn to Speak English FREE for Individuals, Families and Students

Free ESOL Classes!

Free family literacy programs for children aged 2 to 4. Children improve English skills alongside parents. Enhances parenting skills through programs. Students in this class must be tested and registered. Call ahead for appointment.

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