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Meridian Behavioral Healthcare - Mental Health Services

This agency provides mental health services for children and adults. They also have services for the workplace. Please call for an appointment.

Services include:

  • Adult Counseling
  • Children/Youth Services
  • Corporate & Professional Development
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Outpatient Services
  • Residential/Inpatient Services
  • Substance Abuse

Crisis Line: 352.374.5600

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

This agency strives to promote recovery and offer solutions to those facing mental illness. They also treat addiction and other challenges. The Access Center is staffed 24/7. Please call or visit our website for more info.

Services include:

  • Children/Youth Services
  • Corporate/Professional Development
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Financial Assistance Programs
  • Forensic
  • Inpatient
  • Mental Illness
  • Outreach & Intervention
  • Related Services
  • Residential / Housing
  • Residential Treatment
  • Substance Abuse / Addiction
  • Workplace Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Access Center: 352.374.5600, Ext. 3