ACT Abuse Counseling & Treatment - Anger Management, Batterer's Intervention


26-week on-going group program to help participants learn alternatives to violence. It teaches:

  • Skills such as “time out” and “positive self talk”
  • Stop denying the existence of violence and effects on the victim and family
  • Take responsibility for one's own behavior
  • Taught alternative nonviolent behaviors, emotions and attitudes
  • Taught what abuse is, so one knows what behavior is threatening

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Service Location

P.O Box 60401
Fort Myers, FL 33906
United States



The agency provides the following services:

  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Batterer’s intervention program
  • Children’s program
  • Non-residential program
  • Residential program

P.O. Box 60401
Fort Myers, FL 33906
United States