Daystar Life Center - Personal Identification Assistance


Daystar Life Center can help people get their birth certificate or State ID at no cost. In some cases, they will help with a replacement driver’s license when it is needed for a job. They can also make long distance calls to out-of-state relatives who have documents. Please call for more information.

Service Location

1055 28th Street S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33712
United States



The Center's purpose is to provide emergency help to those in need. Most are living below the federal poverty level. Clients can get help with food and clothing. They can apply for Food Stamps benefits. The homeless can use Daystar as a mailing address and also for email. Daystar has grown into a major social service agency since 1982. Please see the website for all services.

Services Include:

  • Clothing
  • Emergency Food
  • Gas vouchers
  • Haircuts
  • Household Items
  • Personal Health Services
  • Rent and Utilities Help
  • Transportation
  • VITA Tax Program

226 6th Street South
St Petersburg, FL 33701
United States