Lutheran Services Florida - Adult Advocacy Services

Lutheran Services Florida is also known as LSF. The services they offer are to protect and care for the elderly and disabled. They offer services for those who are unable to care for themselves. LSF provides as much or as little help that is needed. With everyday tasks and responsibilities through case management. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Services Provided:

  • Protection
  • Advocacy
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Finance Management
Service Location

4600 Mobile Highway
Pensacola, FL 32506
United States



Lutheran Services Florida is a faith-based organization. They are a nonprofit. The group offers various programs across the state. The services offered work towards helping communities. Helping them build hope-filled tomorrows. That are healthier and happier. Please call or visit the website for more information.


3627 West Waters Avenue
Tampa, FL 33614
United States


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