Boley Centers - Residential Forensic Alternative Programs


Provides a highly supervised, supportive residential treatment program. For men and women who have a mental illness and are able to reenter the community. Residents of the program are involved in:

  • Competency Restoration
  • Integrated Mental Health Treatment Groups
  • Psychosocial Educational Groups
  • Rehabilitative Skills Instruction
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Groups

As well as other services based on their individual needs, preferences and goals. Contact for more information.

Service Location: 

445 31st Street North, St. Petersburg, FL, 33713


Boley Centers Inc.


This agency serves those with mental disabilities, the homeless and youth. Their goal is to help people in recovery by providing good treatment, rehabilitation, jobs and housing. They value respect, trust and ethics in their relationships to their clients. They provide shelter, counseling, a youth program, job opportunities and more.

Please see the website for all services.


445 31st Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713