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Diocese of Saint Augustine - Refugee Resettlement Program

Diocese of St. Augustine provides the Refugee Resettlement Program.

The program assists local families and individuals who:

  • Enter the United States as refugees, Cuban/Haitian entrants or parolees
  • Resettled refugees without sponsoring family members in the United States, and foreign nationals in the United States who have been granted asylum by the Immigration Courts

They help refugees become self-sufficient within 3 to 4 months of arrival.

Their services include assistance in:

  • Airport reception
  • Assistance with housing
  • Education
  • ESL
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Job readiness
  • Limited financial assistance

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Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking - Lucha

AIJ provides free legal help for women survivors of violence. Some immigrant women are in an abusive relationship. Other women get trapped into human trafficking. AIJ can help these women with legal status issues and to get the help they need to remain in the U.S. AIJ has special programs to help Hispanic and Haitian clients. Please see the website for more information.

Services Include Help With:

  • Domestic violence
  • Human trafficking
  • Sexual assault
  • Violent crime

Southern Legal Counsel - Legal Assistance

Southern Legal Counsel, Inc. is a not-for-profit public interest law firm. They help those in need with basic human and civil rights. They use the power of law to obtain positive social change by striking down unjust laws and policies.


  • Ending Homelessness
  • Improving Children's Services
  • Accessing Health Care
  • Promoting LGBTQ Equality
  • Challenging Discrimination
  • Protecting Civil Rights