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Nassau County Summer Camp - Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches

FSYR offers a summer camp for youth ages 10-15. Kids can take part in many fun activities such as canoeing, archery and swimming. They have the chance to build teamwork and peer communication skills. They can also enjoy the tranquil outdoors. Campers will have the chance to interact with law enforcement personnel and volunteers and learn other social skills. Please see the website for more information.

Non-Residential Family Crisis Intervention Counseling - Arnette House, Inc.

This group offers family counseling. It can be on or off their main campus. The counseling is to help youth and their families. So that they can resolve crisis situations and stay together. Please call or visit the website to learn more.

Services Include:

  • Assist families in opening lines of communication
  • Link families with needed community resources
  • Reduce high risk antisocial behaviors
  • Teach effective parenting skills
  • Teach families effective conflict resolution skills

Pregnancy Assistance - A Safe Haven For Newborns

Safe Haven for Newborns is here to help pregnant women of all ages. The group offers a variety of services.

Direct Assistance Available Includes:

  • Safe Haven Relinquishment
  • Medical Related Issues
  • Necessities
  • Housing/Shelter
  • Legal Issues
  • Burial Services
  • Abuse
  • Counseling/Parenting Education
  • Financial Assistance
  • Adoption Issues
  • Education

Please call 877.767.2229 or visit the website for more information.

Recovery & life Programs - The Path of Citrus County

This group offers a new life program. It has multiple phases. Each phase is designed to transform the whole person. The program builds skills that are needed to overcome addiction. It will also help someone develop a productive work ethic. While at the same time transforming their lives. There is no time limit to a person’s length of stay; however, they must continue to be making progress. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Services for Veterans - Disabled American Veterans

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) helps America’s disabled veterans and their families.

Assistance includes:

  • Community outreach
  • Counseling
  • Death benefits
  • Filing claims for VA disability compensation and pension
  • Health care
  • Home loan guaranty
  • Information seminars
  • Life insurance
  • Represent veterans and active duty military personnel before Discharge Review Boards, Boards for Correction of Military Records, Physical Evaluation Boards and other official panels
  • Vocational rehabilitation and employment, education

Please call 727.319.7444 for or visit website for more information.