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Catholic Charities - Bethany Family Apartments

Bethany Family Apartments has housing for homeless children and families with disabilities. All applicants go through a thorough assessment. Once accepted, residents meet with their Life Coach regularly. They develop a Life Plan and work on their selected goals. There are educational and training sessions for all. The goal is for residents to be self sufficient. There must be a minimum of one adult and one child under 18 in each apartment.

A Residential Assistant lives on site.

Florida Adoption Center - Adoption Planning - Pregnancy Alternatives

We offer alternative pregnancy resources to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We are able to help you find a forever family for your baby, establish ongoing contact/communication with them and assist them with taking steps to get back on their feet.

Call anytime - Toll-Free 855.899.5683, or Call or Text 321.250.5683


Help Line

"Our Help Line program is our current resource designed so students can get Help Now through our resource guide or calling our local number. A lot of students do not know the resources that are available to them and we strive to get that information to them. We assist students in getting into the shelter that they qualify for and if needed we will pay for an Airbnb the night before the shelter takes in new people. We will also help the student get to the shelter within consideration.