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ACL - Connecting People to Services

The Administration for Community Living or ACL for short. The group believes that services should be strong enough so individuals can be supported in their own home. Or other community-based settings. The group does not help people directly but has several programs to help connect them with services that do. These programs help older adults and people with disabilities. Helps them find supports and services that are needed to successfully live in their communities. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Programs Available:

Help Line

"Our Help Line program is our current resource designed so students can get Help Now through our resource guide or calling our local number. A lot of students do not know the resources that are available to them and we strive to get that information to them. We assist students in getting into the shelter that they qualify for and if needed we will pay for an Airbnb the night before the shelter takes in new people. We will also help the student get to the shelter within consideration.

HEP - Transportation Services

HEP has several options to help residents with their transportation needs. There is an on-campus bus shelter for residents who take the bus. A bus takes HEP youth to after school programs. There are fixed route transit services for Veterans to Bay Pines Hospital. The Freewheel Bike Program provides bicycles to the homeless. Please see the website for more information.

PSTA - Senior Citizens and Disabled Reduced Bus Fare

PSTA offers a reduced fare program to senior citizens and disabled persons. Clients will be given PSTA ID’s. Seniors may show a government-issued photo ID. They must be 65 years or older in order to qualify for the Senior Special Citizen Program. Medicare cardholders may ride for a reduced fare if they show the original red/white/blue Medicare card. Please call for more information.