Florida Adoption Center - Adoption Planning - Pregnancy Alternatives

We offer alternative pregnancy resources to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We are able to help you find a forever family for your baby, establish ongoing contact/communication with them and assist them with taking steps to get back on their feet.

Call anytime - Toll-Free 855.899.5683, or Call or Text 321.250.5683


Covering Florida

Covering Florida provides for Navigator services. It is a community focused NPO that reaches consumers through their partners. They educate people about the Affordable Care Act, CHIP, and Medicaid. They focus on increasing access to care and services to those in need. Please see the website or call for more information.

Niceville Housing Authority

Niceville Housing Authority is committed to provide decent safe and sanitary rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Niceville Housing Authority owns and operates 111 units of public housing units ranging in size from efficiency (0 bedroom) to 4 bedroom units.