A Woman's Addiction Recovery Effort (AWARE)

A Woman’s Addiction Recovery Effort (AWARE) is run by Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort (CARE), Inc. The environment of the program is therapeutic and educational. They are licensed for 15 residential, and 15 Halfway beds. The residential program is a minimum of eight weeks. The halfway program is an additional three months. Program counselors help in a therapeutic and educational setting.
Please call or visit the website for more information.

Services Available Include:

  • Residential Program
  • Halfway Program
  • Mother Infant Program
  • Individual and Group therapy
Service Location

2388 Park Ave
Alford, FL 32420
United States

850.579.2314 ext. 121


Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort (CARE) is a non-profit agency. The agency offers prevention and intervention services. They also offer treatment and recovery services. The goal of all the services offered is to help people and their families change unhealthy behaviors. As well as reducing the stigma of addiction and improving their lives. There is a full range of licensed services available. Which are offered to all age groups. Please call or visit the website for more information.


4000 East 3rd Street
Panama City, FL 32404
United States