Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy Center - Child Protection Team

The Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center has a Child Protection Team. The team offers different programs. These are community-based programs. The programs help in evaluating alleged incidents of child abuse and neglect. The team assess risk factors. And they also provide recommendations for interventions. These are to protect children. And to improve a family’s ability to provide a safer environment when possible. The services offered by the team add to the child protective activities of other agencies. Agencies like the Department of Children and Families. Or law enforcement agencies. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Programs Include:

  • Medical Diagnosis & Evaluation
  • Nursing Assessment
  • Training
  • Expert Court Testimony
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Specialized Interviews
  • Forensic Interviews

24 Hour Hotline to report child abuse, abandonment, or neglect: 1.800.96.ABUSE (1.800.962.2873)

Service Location

777 Main Street Bldg G-2
Suite 1
Chipley, FL 32428
United States



The Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center offers a refuge for victims and their families. Their mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for victims of sexual violence and child abuse in the community. The group operates on the belief that the best interests of the victim should be protected. Their way of helping is by having a specialized approach. One that is trauma sensitive. This is done with the coordination of community resources. Please call or visit the website for more information.


210 East 11th Street
Panama City, FL 32401
United States