Catholic Charities Jacksonville Regional Office - Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services

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This program has services for women with unplanned pregnancies.The services are designed to help protect the life of the child. They provide care and nurturing for women and children, and help to build up families as a woman decides whether a plan to parent or an adoption plan is the best choice for her child and for herself. The goal is to help, encourage, and accompany women in making positive and life affirming plans for themselves and their unborn child. Experienced counselors will help you learn more about your options.

Services Include:

  • Community resources
  • Education and support
  • Information and Referrals
  • Non-coercive counseling
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Selection of families

All services are confidential. They are offered to anyone regardless of age, race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, or marital status. The staff is here to listen to your concerns and offer non-judgmental support. Please visit the website at

Toll Free: 1.866.901.9647

Service Location

134 East Church Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
United States



This agency provides many services to those in need. It is for anyone regardless of religious faith, race, age, ethnic origin, etc. Please see the website for more information.

Services Include:

  • Adoption/Pregnancy Services
  • The Donna Foundation - for those with breast cancer
  • Emergency Assistance - help with rent and utilities (call 2-1-1)
  • Workforce Development Pilot Program - help with employment
  • Food Pantry
  • Immigration Services
  • Ministry for Person with Disabilities
  • JEA Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program - emergency utility help
  • Refugee Resettlement Program
  • Traveler's Aid Program - Jacksonville only

134 East Church Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
United States