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Baker County Health Department - Smoking Cessation - Quit Smoking Now!

This program provides you with the support, guidance and resources to help you quit. This six session program could be all it takes for you to become tobacco free!

The program was designed by an ex-smoker. It is led by a trained facilitator who will guide you through the many issues related to quitting smoking, including:

  • Coping with anger, sleep problems, and cravings
  • Managing stress
  • How physical activity and health food choices can make quitting tobacco easier
  • How to prevent relapse (using tobacco again)
  • Identifying and controlling your tobacco “triggers”
  • What to do when you have friends and family who use tobacco around you

Florida Department of Children and Families - Services

This agency can help clients get services such as Food Stamps and Temporary Cash Assistance.

Programs Include:

  • ACCESS Florida (Food Stamps, Medicaid, Temporary Cash Assistance)
  • Abuse Hotline
  • Adoption information
  • Adult Protective Services
  • Child Welfare
  • Domestic Violence resources
  • Foster Care
  • Homelessness resources
  • Human Trafficking information
  • Mental Health services
  • Refugee Services
  • Substance Abuse information
  • Please see the website for all services.

Haven Hospice - Transitions Program

Haven Hospice provides Transitions Program. This program offers emotionally supportive calls, volunteer companions, and referrals to community resources for additional support. These services are offered at no charge.

This program offers:

  • Supportive phone calls to individuals and caregivers.
  • Volunteer assistance for those who can benefit from companion visits.
  • Information about and referrals to community resources.
  • Education to help with understanding care options and choices.
  • Advance care planning inclusive of advance directives.

Please call or visit website for more information.