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Adoption-Florida Adoption Center LLC

This agency offers adoption as an alternative parenting option. They help support birth mothers and adoptive parents. Help is offered before, during, and after adoption. They also provide resources for birth parents who choose to parent. The support is offered at no cost. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Toll Free: 855.899.5683
Birth Parents: 321.250.5683
Adoption Parents: 321.766.5683

Family Counseling-Kid

Kid First is an in-home program for at risk families. Meets weekly with counselors.

We offer:

  • Intervention is at the time of crisis
  • Build on existing family strengths to reach a solution that works for everyone

The services we provide teach:

  • How to become a functional, stable and supportive family
  • Reduce the likelihood of becoming involved with the child protection system

Call for more information.