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Agency for Persons with Disabilities (Northeast) - Services for Persons with Disabilities

Agency for Persons with Disabilities provides services to those with specific disabilities. They help locate intermediate care facilities. They also provide job support and case management. Clients can get referrals for other needed services. Please call 904.992.2433, e-mail, or visit website for more information.

City Rescue Mission - LifeBuilders Addiction Recovery

This is an addiction recovery program at the McDuff Avenue campus. Clients live on campus for about 18 months. They must make a commitment to the program which will enable them to make a new life for themselves and for their families. Clients take part in a full range of education and recovery services. Each person is assessed and receives a program plan based on his or her own specific needs. Please call for more information.

Clara White Mission - Housing Program

The goal of this housing program is to move homeless clients to permanent housing and independent living within 24 months. Priority is given to Veterans, who make up to 75% of the residents. Female clients live off-campus. Please see the website for more information.

Residents are required to:

  • Be working and/or in school
  • Complete a health assessment
  • Complete a mental-health assessment/engage in mental-health counseling as needed
  • Maintain sobriety
  • Participate in case-management and life-skills classes
  • Participate in substance-abuse education classes and support groups, as needed