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Adult Protective Services - Department of Children and Families

Department of Children and Families provides Adult Protective Services. They help adults who may be at risk of being harmed or neglected. DCF also helps adults who are unable to take care of themselves. Clients may be elderly or have a disability. Please call 800.962.2873 or visit website for more information.
***To Report Adult Abuse call 800.962.2873***

Find a Ride - Safe Mobility For Life

The FDOT runs the Safe Mobility for Life Program. One service they offer is called Find a Ride Florida. It offers seniors access to local medical and non-medical transportation options. This is to help make sure they can remain independent within their communities. Find a ride does not offer any services. The program just helps people find transportation providers in their area. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Free Civil Legal Services - Three River Legal Services, Inc.

The law firm provides free legal help to eligible clients. Call or visit the website to learn more.

Service Areas:

  • Domestic Violence/Family Law
  • Education
  • Elder Law/Life Planning
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Housing/Landlord Tenant
  • Hurricane/Disaster Assistance
  • Money and Debt
  • Preserving Home Ownership
  • Public Benefits
  • Record Sealing / Expungement
  • Veterans Issues

Toll Free:1.866.256.8091