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Florida Adoption Center - Adoption Planning - Pregnancy Alternatives

We offer alternative pregnancy resources to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We are able to help you find a forever family for your baby, establish ongoing contact/communication with them and assist them with taking steps to get back on their feet.

Call anytime - Toll-Free 855.899.5683, or Call or Text 321.250.5683


Housing Authority Resident Services--Family Self-Sufficient Program

This program is for residents of Village Central or Pine Village. It is for families who want to become more self-sufficient.

Self-sufficiency means:
• The head of household has obtained employment and
• All family members are free of cash assistance for 12 months
• 30% of the monthly adjusted income meets or exceeds the fair market rental rate for their current unit.

Our resident services department will help you address some of the major hurdles, such as:
• Finding childcare
• Locating transportation
• Help finding a (better) job
• Going back to school to get more education and training
• Improving your credit
• Overcoming a criminal background

Step Up Suncoast

We are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other. We look to change lives through education, partnerships, and delivery of quality services. Please call or visit our website for more info.

Programs and services include: