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Christian Care Center - The Community Medical Care Center

The Community Medical Care Center provides medical and dental services to low-income patients. The patient must earn less than 150 percent of federal poverty guidelines. They must be able to show documents for proof. Once the patient qualifies, their care is free. There are doctors from many different specialty fields volunteer at the clinic. The clinic operates with a substantial wait time, given the demand for services versus the supply available. If you have a medical emergency, contact 911 or see a primary care doctor.

In addition to primary care, the clinic also provides:

  • Chronic disease education and care
  • Referrals for free diagnostic tests
  • Referrals for surgical procedures in some cases

Call for more information.

Medicine Assistance Tool

PPA helps people find programs to help pay for medications. More than 2500 brand name and generic drugs are covered. Many of them are free or low-cost. Finding out if you qualify is quick and easy. The call center accepts calls in about 150 languages. Please call for more information.

Toll Free: 1.888.477.2669

Shepherd's Hope

Shepherd’s Hope offers free health care services to individuals who are currently employed with no health insurance or government assistance. They must earn less than 150% of the poverty level. Call for more information.

Dr. Diebel, Jr. Memorial Shepherd’s Hope Health Center
2008 North Goldenrod Road
Orlando, Florida 32807
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 6pm to 9pm

Downtown Orlando Shepherd’s Hope Health Center
101 South Westmoreland Drive
Orlando, Florida 32805
Tuesday and Wednesday, from 6pm to 9pm

Westside Shepherd’s Hope Health Center
955 East Story Road
Winter Garden, Florida 34787
Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm to 9pm