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Center for Building Hope

The Center for Building Hope gives free information, programs and services. They help cancer patients, caregivers and family members. They connect them with others who are going through the same or similar experience.

Programs & Services:

  • Couples & Cancer
  • Exercise Programs
  • Horticultural Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Networking Groups
  • Programs for Children
  • Support Groups for Cancer Patients
  • Support Groups for Caregivers, Friends and Families of Cancer Patients
  • Workshops

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Department of Corrections - Victim Services (VINE)

This program helps victims of crimes committed by Florida inmates. Through the VINE program, victims can sign up for an automatic notification service. Anyone may call the toll-free number to get an inmate's current location and release date. You may also register to learn when an inmate is released, transferred, escapes or dies. The VINE service is confidential. It is available 24 hours a day. Please see the website for more information.

Toll Free: 1.877.884.2846

Family Promise - Sarasota

Family Promise of Sarasota is here to help families who are newly facing homelessness and have minor children.
Families wishing to use our free services must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have minor children in your custody
  • May not be using drugs or alcohol - we do a drug screen
  • May not have felony records - we conduct background checks
  • May not have a severe mental health diagnosis
  • Must be able and willing to be employed full-time (adults in the family)
  • Florida Adoption Center - Adoption Planning - Pregnancy Alternatives

    We offer alternative pregnancy resources to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We are able to help you find a forever family for your baby, establish ongoing contact/communication with them and assist them with taking steps to get back on their feet.

    Call anytime - Toll-Free 855.899.5683, or Call or Text 321.250.5683