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Capital Area Healthy Start is dedicated to connecting new or expecting moms and families with community programs that can help them during every stage of parenthood. Our Connect program assists pregnant women, caregivers and families with young children by providing a one-stop entry point for needed services, such as education and support in childbirth, newborn care, parenting, child development, food and nutrition, mental health and financial self-sufficiency.

Connect works to identify a family’s needs and link them with a local program that can best serve them, creating a referral process that not only streamlines access to services, but works to build a larger network of care during early childhood.

Self-referring individuals, referring agencies and healthcare providers can contact Healthy Start to begin connecting new mothers and families to the programs that best fit them. For Leon County residents, call (850) 488-0288 ext. 109, and (850) 926-0400 for Wakulla County.

Connect today to ensure a healthier start in life and a better future!

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STE A101
TALLAHASSEE, FL 32301-4855
United States



The Healthy Start program provides services and support needed by pregnant women to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Every woman who receives a positive pregnancy test from her health care provider is offered a Prenatal Risk Screen. This screen helps us identify any risks that could negatively affect you and the baby. Healthy Start services are no charge to you and include:

Pregnancy health education
Nutrition education
Childbirth preparation
Breastfeeding education and support
New baby care
Parenting education and support
Help to quit smoking
Stress management and emotional support
General support and community referrals


1311 N Paul Russell Road
Suite A101
Tallahassee, FL 32301
United States