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Dawn Center - Outreach Program & Services

Dawn Center has an outreach program to help victims of abuse. There are no charges for any services provided. Call for more information.

Nine Core Services:

  • 24-hour Crisis Hotline
  • Emergency Shelter for women and children
  • Assessment referral for resident children
  • Crisis counseling for victims and their children
  • Information and referral services
  • Education and Community Awareness
  • Safety Planning
  • Training for law enforcement and professional
  • Service Management
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars - Department of Florida - Assistance for Veterans & their families

    Assistance with:

    • Food and clothing for Veterans and their families
    • Home and auto repairs
    • Insurance
    • Mortgage and rent
    • Utilities

    Please call us at the number listed or contact us by email at post8681@flvfw.org for more information.

    Other locations for assistance:
    1681 East Jefferson Street
    Brooksville, Florida
    United States

    3435 Shoal Line Road
    Hernando Beach, Florida
    United States

    14736 Edward R. Noll Drive
    Spring Hill, Florida
    United States