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Central Florida Community Action Partnership - Emergency Assistance

Central Florida Community Action Agency offers Emergency Assistance. This program may help with immediate financial emergencies. They also help with disaster relief. A limited amount of funding is available for to the community. This funding is used for one-time emergency needs. This means they cannot help with on-going crises. They may be able to help with direct assistance. They may also be able to give referrals for basic needs. This includes:

  • Energy payments
  • Nutrition
  • Rental assistance
  • Temporary shelter
  • Transportation
  • And more

You must meet eligibility requirements. Call for more information.

Central Florida Community Action Partnership - Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income households meet their home energy needs.

It may give several types of assistance:

  • Crisis Assistance may help eligible households who are about to have their utilities cut off due to nonpayment, or whose utilities have already been disconnected – the amount is based on need, up to the maximum allowed per household
  • Disaster Relief is offered during extreme heat or freezing weather, when the state has declared a weather emergency – this assistance may include utility payments, heaters, fans and blankets
  • Home Energy Assistance is a one-time payment benefit towards the household’s energy account, based on the total household income

Call for more information.

Interfaith Emergency Services - Emergency Assistance

Interfaith Emergency Services provides Emergency Assistance. They help those that are in need. They will interview you to determine how they can help you. Proper identification is required for those going to Interfaith for help. Emergency funds are given to clients in need of medication and a variety of other services. The payment will be made directly to the provider. Call for more information.

Interfaith Emergency Services - Eyeglasses

There are currently two eye glass programs:

Prescription Glasses

A client that needs glasses must have an employment letter from their employer stating the need to have glasses to perform the job. Or, for Children in Marion County. When children need glasses for school, they must have a letter from their school of attendance stating the need. They must also have a parent letter, proper ID, and social security cards for both parent and child.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are given away at the office. They have a small reading chart to determine the strength needed for each client.

Call for more information.

Interfaith Emergency Services - Food, Hygiene and Clothing Distribution

After completing the intake process, food is given to those in need. The amount is appropriate for their family and situation by the food pantry located in the warehouse. Interfaith uses the National Poverty Level as a guideline for those qualifying for assistance. This will determine their eligibility. Hygiene items, which are not covered by food stamps, are also given out. Those items are given to clients in the same manner as the food services. Clothes are given to those in need as well. Call for more information.

Interfaith Emergency Services - Shelter

The Interfaith Emergency Shelter helps single women, women with children, and families that are homeless. In the womens shelter, the ladies share rooms and bathroom facilities. The living area, kitchen and laundry rooms also provide common areas. Residents are required to do daily chores and attend devotions. They are meant to do this Monday through Friday each morning with the staff. At 8:30 AM each morning during the week, residents leave for the day to go work or search for a job.

In the family shelter, married couples and children have a room and bathroom to themselves. They share a common kitchen area. Also on property is the Learning Center. Residents attend bible study, parenting, budgeting and other life-skill classes.

Call for more information.