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Bay Care Behavioral Health - Emergency Services - Crisis Suicide

An expansion of the Bay Care system is Morton Plant North Bay Hospital Recovery Center. It is the only freestanding psychiatric hospital in Pasco County. It is a Baker Act receiving facility.

Treatment at the Center includes acute care services, case management, crisis intervention and support. The medical staff focuses on the unique needs of each patient. In addition to mental health care, good nutrition and physical activity are part of the care plan. Each patient will get aftercare planning before being discharged.

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24-Hour Crisis Support Number (Pasco): 727.849.9988

Boley Centers, Inc

This agency helps those who are homeless and mentally ill. They provide housing, education and psychiatric services to adults with mental illness. Clients get support according to their individual needs. Services are designed to help clients to re-enter their community successfully and productively. There are services for families. There are also programs for youth to help them get job training and jobs. Veterans benefit from services as well.

A thrift store benefits Boley Centers by providing revenue for their programs.

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Boys and Girls Club - Pasco County

This Club has recreational, educational and arts and crafts activities. They serve youth ages 5 through 18. They have sports activities for leadership development. Tutoring is available during the school year for help with homework. There are programs for teens that help them get jobs. The Clubs are accessible and affordable for everyone. There are Club scholarships for families in need.

Hours of operation: School Year 2:00pm-8:00pm Monday - Friday, Summer 8:00am-6:00pm Monday - Friday

Dade City Location:
Lewis Abraham Lacoochee Club
38749 Pattie Lane
Dade City FL 33523

Boys Residence - San Antonio Boys Village, Inc.

This program is designed to change adolescent teens into responsible men. This is a private residential treatment facility that sits on 12 acres. It has a rural family atmosphere for court-judged delinquents. Parents attend weekly parent group and family counseling sessions. Individual and group counseling and education are provided on the premises. G.E.D. preparation and testing can be arranged. All referrals come from the Department of Juvenile Justice. It is for males between 13 and 17 years old who have been in the court system.

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Brookwood, A Young Women's Residence

This is a group home for girls ages 13 to 18. They are placed by DCF due to abusive and/or neglectful home settings. Sometimes they are placed privately by parents because of stressful home relationships. Brookwood also has a place for young adult homeless women. Program goals focus on independent living skills. This includes an education program, job skills, money management, and problem solving. Individual psychotherapy and group therapy are provided by licensed therapists. The girls are enrolled in public schools, vocational centers, community colleges or whatever setting meets their needs. After leaving Brookwood, they receive follow up for as long as they wish.

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Camelot Community Care - Independent Living

Camelot coordinates Independent Living Services to older teens in the child welfare system. Services include life skills training, education coordination and support services. They also have job coaching and financial skills training. The goal of this Program is to prepare teens in foster care for adulthood and self sufficiency.

They also assist young adults who have already aged out of the foster care system.

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