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Agency Community Treatment Services, Inc. - Transitional Housing

This is a long term residential treatment program. It is for those with alcohol, mental health, or drug issues. Residents attend group therapy, educational programs, AA meetings, and recreational activities. Later in the program, residents receive job counseling and help with getting employment and safe housing. The length of stay depends on the program.

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Boley Centers, Inc

This agency helps those who are homeless and mentally ill. They provide housing, education and psychiatric services to adults with mental illness. Clients get support according to their individual needs. Services are designed to help clients to re-enter their community successfully and productively. There are services for families. There are also programs for youth to help them get job training and jobs. Veterans benefit from services as well.

A thrift store benefits Boley Centers by providing revenue for their programs.

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Carlton Manor - Group Homes/Foster Care

This agency has residential group care in 3 homes.The program is voluntary and children live in the homes during the week and return home on weekends. Family therapy is a component along with individual therapy, cognitive therapy and recreational therapy for the children.

The foster home program aims to meet the needs of abused and neglected children. It is for children who are under the custody of DCF. The foster care program offers family therapy and individual therapy. It offers case management and family support. The children stay in the home until they can return to their families. If this is not possible, they may be adopted or placed in another home setting.

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Operation PAR - COSA/Child Development & Family Guidance Center

COSA stands for Cornerstone of Successful Achievement. This program is for pregnant women and women with children. They have a history of substance abuse. Their children are often developmentally delayed. Children may have mild or moderate behavior problems. They may have learning delays. Every client gets an individualized treatment plan.

COSA Programs and Services include:

  • Continuing Care
  • Day Treatment
  • Developmental Center
  • Early Intervention Group
  • HIV/AIDS Education
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Strengthening Families