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DACCO - Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office - Admissions

This agency has numerous services for those who have drug or alcohol dependencies. They have both inpatient and outpatient treatments. They have educational programs that have the aim of preventing drug and alcohol abuse.

Anyone can make a referral. New patients can walk in or make an appointment to do the initial assessment before being admitted. Each patient gets an individualized plan of action. Florida Medicaid and many insurance plans are accepted. There are payment plans for those who do not have insurance.

After treatment is complete, each patient gets follow up services.
There are inpatient residences for women, men and those going through drug detox. They have 24-hour, seven days per week supervision.

EyeCare America - Children's, Diabetes, Glaucoma & Seniors

This agency refers people to local eye doctors for a free eye exam. Eligible people include anyone who is at increased risk for glaucoma based on family history, race, age and not had an eye exam in at least 12 months. For people over 65, they can qualify if it has been at least 3 years since they have seen an eye M.D. To qualify for a referral, you must be a US Citizen or legal resident and not have eye care insurance through an HMO or the VA. Applications are taken online. You are then sent the name of the participating doctor if you qualify.

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