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Boley Centers - Jerry Howe Transitional Housing Program for Homeless Veterans

Provides skills development and support. Helps prepare Veterans to reintegrate into the community. Helps maintain permanent housing of their choice. On-site staff ensure the Veterans access needed:

  • Employment and Training Opportunities
  • Medical and Dental Services
  • Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Veterans Benefits

Contact for more information.

Boley Centers - Residential Forensic Alternative Programs

Provides a highly supervised, supportive residential treatment program. For men and women who have a mental illness and are able to reenter the community. Residents of the program are involved in:

  • Competency Restoration
  • Integrated Mental Health Treatment Groups
  • Psychosocial Educational Groups
  • Rehabilitative Skills Instruction
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Groups

As well as other services based on their individual needs, preferences and goals. Contact for more information.

Boley Centers - Safe Havens

Provides individuals who have been homeless, have a mental illness and often a co-occurring substance abuse disorder as well, with a safe place to live. Staff build relationships and encourage residents to accept treatment and obtain medical care. Once residents are ready for mainstream services, they may choose to enter permanent housing and treatment programs. Contact for more information.

Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg, Inc. - Benedict Haven

Benedict Haven provides in-home care for adults who have a severe and persistent mental illness. Offering the following in their service program:

  • 24/7 staff supervision
  • Activities of daily living skills (ADL) training
  • Case management
  • Daily outings and weekly special events
  • Extensive in-house day treatment and activities program
  • Medication monitoring
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Transportation

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Crisis Shelter - CASA, Residential Advocacy Services

Provides refuge, crisis intervention, and advocacy for up to 45 days when home is not a safe place. The shelter is always open. The location is confidential. Shelter residents receive:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Personal care items

Gateway Transitional Housing
Can be referred to CASA Gateway as space becomes available. Residents pay reduced rent and utilities.

Group and Individual Support

  • Life Skills/Employment
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Development
  • Referrals to Legal & Social Services
  • Safety Planning
  • Substance Abuse

Children’s Programs

  • Fun & Games
  • Kid’s Club
  • Safety Planning
  • Support Groups
  • Tutoring

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